Yekbun Tütüncü

Pharmacist, Lecturer
Pharmatalks Session 2 | The Story of a Clinical Pharmacist

Yekbun Tütüncü graduated from Marmara University (İstanbul-Turkey), School of Pharmacy in 2003. At the beginning of her carrier, she had her Community pharmacy for 7 years. After closing the pharmacy, she had two master's degrees (completed in 2014 and 2020) in Clinical Pharmacy at Marmara University. continued Ph.D. lessons.

In her Master's degree, she focused on pharmaceutical care, medical consulting for health professionals, pharmacy practice, patient education, and of course pharmacotherapy. Her master's thesis is about preventive pharmacy service in community pharmacy. The study aimed to perform a risk assessment of patients who apply to a community pharmacy in terms of coronary artery disease, diabetes, fracture risk, and depressive disorders within the scope of preventive pharmacy services.

In January 2015, she attended a student change program at The University of Tennessee. She participated as an observer in several hospitals with PharmD students. And also completed the APhA Pharmacy‐Based Immunization Delivery certificate training program in the US.

In her Professional life she also worked as a chief of pharmacy in several hospitals in İstanbul (between 2015 and 2017) and as Clinical Pharmacist at Florence Nightingale Hospital responsible for oncology, hematology, and transplantation (between 2013 and 2014). As a team worker in Hospital, she gave education to health professionals there. 

Since 2019, she works as a lecturer at the Vocational School of Health at İstinye University.