Dr. Tuba Aktürk

Lecturer | Istanbul Medipol Uni.
Science Marathon | Rhythms of Cognition

Tuba Aktürk completed her PhD degrees in neuroscience at Istanbul Medipol University and in cognitive neuroscience at Maastricht University in 2022 (under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Bahar Güntekin and Prof. Dr. Alexander Sack). Currently, she is working at Istanbul Medipol University as a teaching assistant in the Program of Electroneurophysiology. She has been studying on after effects of neuromodulation on EEG-brain oscillations and cognitive processes, especially memory. Her main research areas are cognitive neuroscience, EEG, EEG-brain oscillations, EEG-signal analysis, non-invasive brain stimulation methods, neuromodulation, cognition, and emotions.